Annual School Photo-session ( KG Section )

Annual School Photo-session ( KG Section )

Dear KG parents,

The school administration would like to announce the beginning of the “Annual School Photo Session” taken by professional photographers.


Smile O.I.S. photo session will start on Sunday 12th of February 2017. 


Smile For each student who will participate in the Annual Phooto Session will receive O.I.S. memorial bag which includes :

     - A Printed T-shirt with all class names.

     - A Gift bag with student photo printed on it.

     - A puzzle with whole class photo.

     - A Photo card includes personal photo and class photo.

     - A Printed mug with student photo.

     - A Block note with O.I.S. logo and student photo.



- Interested parents should send the fee, not after Thursday 9th of February, 2017.


- All students are required to wear their uniform with black shoes and white socks. In case that any student doesn't come with his/her uniform she/he is to be excluded from the photo shooting.


    - For more details you are kindly asked to

Ø Contact the school on any of the following extensions: 300,303,304.

Ø Check the Edmodo.

Ø Check your child communication book.



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