Top Ten Students 2016 - 2017


The top five students for grades 1 and 2 based on the total of the  2nd and the 4th  quarters only.


The top ten students for grades 3 to 9 based on the total of the  2nd and the 4th  quarters only.



grade_1_boys.pdf470.86 KB
grade_2_boys.pdf468.67 KB
grade_3_boys.pdf419.1 KB
Updated_grade_4_boys.pdf364.96 KB
grade_5_boys.pdf469.55 KB
grade_6_boys.pdf375.87 KB
grade_7_boys.pdf347.26 KB
grade_8_boys.pdf332.86 KB
grade_9_boys.pdf325.33 KB
grade_1_girls.pdf415.86 KB
grade_2_girls.pdf417.5 KB
grade_3_girls.pdf508.9 KB
grade_4_girls.pdf431 KB
grade_5_girls.pdf374.37 KB
grade_6_girls.pdf422.25 KB
grade_7_girls_updated.pdf315.44 KB
grade_8_girls_updated.pdf257.09 KB
grade_9_girls.pdf371.91 KB

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