First Open Day

First Open Day

Dear Parents,

  On Thursday, October 5th   , we will be having our First Open Day of 2017 - 2018, for grades 1 up to 12. The students will be on-site for the whole school day … a full day of fun.


 -This is a great opportunity for OIS students to enhance their social skills and to be engaged in fun and exciting sporting activities to help them develop their values. Therefore you are kindly asked to encourage your son/daughter to get active and participate cooperatively in this day.


 -The students will have the chance to experience different activities such as: Art works, Face Painting, Clown Show, Bazaar, Jumping Castle, Huge Slides, Soapy Stadium, Balls Pool, Cinema, Sweet Corner, Games (Match), D.J. and Characters.


-Being an activity day, all school staff will be on duty. For that reason it is highly recommended that those students, who are not going to participate in this event, are to stay at home for their safety.


- For more details you are kindly asked to contact the school on any of the following extensions:

Ø Girls' Section: 201,203,204

Ø Boys' Section: 404,405      


*Students MUST come to school wearing their school uniform or P.E. uniform and it's preferable to bring an extra outfit. 


 Wishing all of OIS students a Great and enjoyable Time!!


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